First Post

The first of what I hope to be many blog posts.

Please read the About Me and the About This Blog sections to get a feel for what I would like this blog’s purposes and my efforts to be.

Please be patient. I am new to blogging, at least on my own site, and easily confused, as the customer service representative from Yahoo and the WordPress Support forum moderator can attest to, but I plan on a regular commitment to this site, for my own healing and development, and maybe for that of others.

I’ve thought about doing something like this-like a blog to be clear-for several months now. Those thoughts formed into action over the last couple of days, and then CNN ran this article today:

“Why suicide rate among veterans may be more than 22 a day”

This notion, this horribly shameful notion, that we somehow do not, in the year 2013, truly know how many veterans are killing themselves each day is something I’ve been concerned with for a bit of a while.

And then, boom!, my friend Rob DuBois, former SEAL and author of Powerful Peace, posts this article on Facebook:

Vet Launches Suicide Prevention Campaign: ‘I Am A Suicide Survivor … And I Am Not Embarrassed By It’

So, here I am. Egged on by the same recurring theme of dudes just like me killing themselves and inspired by a 25 year old kid, a veteran of combat.

Eighteen months ago I was planning my own suicide. I had been trying to kill myself through alcohol since 2007. It was because of testimonials like what I read today from Andrew O’Brien, among other inspirations, that I found the courage to get help. I’m now at the point in my recovery that I need to be sharing my story with others in case my words and experiences can be of benefit.

If any of my friends need help, please know it is ok to ask for help. I can assure you life is so much better on the other side of that dark life. I can also assure you I’ve never met with any derision or rejection, but only acceptance, love and compassion from those I have shared my suicidality and darkness with.
I invite you to reply, contribute and comment, and I look forward to a journey on this blog focused on healing, redemption and life.



2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hello Matthew, I saw a twitter thing at Jim White’s and clicked it. I’ve read your entire blog and will be back lookin’ for more. Good looking pup and kitty you got there, and the blog wallpaper’s really cool too.

    Noticed a bunch of stuff happening in the ’80s that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around and just stored it away. Was never much into politics as a young man but figured out had better pay closer attention. Figuring out politics (dirty game today) and reading blogs have been key to helping figure out that we’re in a pretty big mess. Crime, corruption and cover-ups, new ones every day have convinced me that maybe the internet can save the world. More blogs and sunlight and heck, just folks talking to other folks and disregarding the agenda driven media may set us back on track.

    Nice job with the blog. Give your critters some pats for me and see you again soon. Peace, bluejeansntshirt


  2. Jim’s a great guy. I’m glad you found this through him.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I’m hoping it will help in a way you describe and that it will serve as a forum for people looking for some depth and truth to their daily lives to meet, discuss and interact. Hopefully, a few friendships may even be born here.

    And, yes, I hope this is a site that contributes to getting us back on track. I truly think social media helped prevent us from going to war in Syria and hopefully it can be used in the future to prevent other wars, highlight corruption and instigate some much needed reform to make our society more just and compassionate.

    Peace to you bluejeantshirt, I hope to hear from you again.



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