2 thoughts on “On a day like today…

  1. This is quite wonderful,, but quite a challenge also, as many of us struggle a little bit every day to point out who the many liars are. ? But perhaps the heart of a true healer of souls must also realize how those hearts were damaged to begin with, and efforts to heal must also include efforts to prevent actions that try to ruin good hearts. In other words,, kill them with kindness.Anyone who really speaks the truth these days will have enemies,, and most probably well paid enemies ! As you know Matthew,, folks were well paid to try to discredit you not so many years ago. Technology has sadly benefitted the liars and incorrect teachers,, they can spread their messages in direct proportions to their bank accounts. We can have faith that truth has always been proven to be more powerful than any lie,, and all so much more durable. Bravo Rumi .

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