Call For Action – Help Free Issa Amro

Update: 9/11/2017. Issa has been released. He has charges filed against him by the PA and so will have to go through the secret, sham and kangaroo court that the PA runs. This is in addition to the Israeli military trial he is currently enduring with 18 charges against him, charges that nearly all outside observers agree are baseless and absurd. The Israeli military court has a conviction rate of 99.7% for Palestinians. Thank you to everyone who called on his behalf.

Our friend in Palestine, Issa Amro, a Palestinian Human Rights advocate and non-violent community leader who is facing trial in an Israel military court, has been arrested by the Palestinian Authority.

I met Issa earlier this year in Palestine and I was awed by his leadership and his commitment to his people, to justice and to peace. You can read what I wrote about him here. You can read the details about Issa’s arrest from Peter Beinart and Ariel Gold. If you look at the top of my website you will see a photo of him in the streets of Hebron as the Israeli police and military fire at us.

A few months ago over thirty members of the US House of Representatives and four members of the US Senate wrote to the US State Department in defiance of Israel and on behalf of Issa. He has support throughout the world and that is why Israel and the Palestinian Authority see him as a threat.


United States: General Delegation of the PLO to the US (202) 974-6360
United Kingdom: Palestinian Mission  +44 20 85 63 0008
France: Mission of Palestine in France +33 1 48 28 6600
Germany: Representative Office of Palestine in Berlin +49 30 20 61 77 0
Italy: Embassy of Palestine in Italy +39 06 700 879
Belgium: Palestinian Embassy in Brussels  +32 2 735 24 78

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