4 thoughts on “MSNBC: All in with Chris Hayes

  1. Thank you for describing the man who lent his name to Afghanistan’s West Point. It symbolizes everything that’s wrong with the international effort to “fix” Afghanistan. But this is what I don’t understand about the mainstream media: I read so many articles about this insider attack, but you are the only person so far to point out that this facility was named after a warlord and drug lord. It’s quite disturbing that the regular media outlets seem to omit all the crucial info on a regular basis. I’ve learned more about OIF and OEF by reading Michael Hastings’ books than by reading anything else. It shouldn’t be like that.


    • Thank you Nathalie. It really is disturbing, isn’t it. And now, we are being roped into supporting the Kurds militarily. I’ve been to Kurdistan and love the people. However, the Kurdish leadership is as corrupt and thuggish as the other leaders in the Mid-East. We shouldn’t get dragged into a way on their behalf.

      Thanks again for the note Nathalie.


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